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Models / Kaiia Eve

Avg Rating: 4.2

Kaiia Eve Vital Stats:
Age:  28
Height:  4'11"
Weight:  120 lbs
Wrestling Name:  The Booby Hunter
Wins:  6
Losses:  6
Home town:  Las Vegas

Kaiia Eve Updates

Kaiia Eve vs Fuck Buck
Fuck Buck, Kaiia Eve
95 Photos, 40 min of video
Kaiia Eve and Fuck Buck are both coming off a lose in their last matches. They are both here for redemption. Kaiia has been working on her leggy submissions and she puts her skills to work today. She constantly wraps Buck's head with her thighs and muffles his existance with them. But Buck is her for the instant orgasm he wants to inflict on Kaiia for round 3. He is confident that his oral skills will make Kaiia cum. He's gonna let the little domme climb up and sit on his face so she feels dominant and confident, he builds her ego up hoping it will make it easier to cum when she sits on his face. This match DOES end with an instant victory Orgasm in round 3. One of these sexual gladitors inflicts an Orgasm on their opponent in glorious fashion. The winner gets to take their prize. Missionary and doggy style fucking for the winner!!

Tags: Facesitting Hand Gag Hand Job Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Orgasm on the Mat Pegging Reverse Head Scissors Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Kaiia Eve vs Frankie Fetticini
Frankie Fetticini, Kaiia Eve
100 Photos, 48 min of video
Today we have a Couples Match up and these are always exciting to see. Kaiia Eve has brought in her submissive, Frankie Fetticini. Frankie has a lot of wrestling experience but no sex fighting experience. Kaiia is smaller but has a lot of sex fighting skill. While Frankie is submissive, he's also very competitive and wrestling is his domain. He knows if he loses to Kaiia today, he will never hear an end to it. Kaiia knows if she loses today that her submissive is going to be very very bratty when they get home and she will need to open an whole new can of whoop ass on him. Couples matches are always intense because the consequences carry over to their real life. Each of these sexual gladiators is giving it everything they have to be able to fuck on top today. Enjoy this fun, competitive domestic battle. One of these athletes will be a loser and will never hear the end of it.

Tags: Big Boobs Blow Jobs Cum Eating Cum In Mouth Fingers In The Pussy Footjob Hand Job Male Wins Penetration Sex On The Mat Spanking Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser
Kaiia Eve vs Link Ryan
Kaiia Eve, Link Ryan
127 Photos, 44 min of video
We have a new wrestler on the mats ready to take on one of our rising stars. This Proud Armenian is a strong handsome stud with a lot of stand-up traning but not a lot of ground game. He's a tall strong dude calling out our petite yet badass wrestler, Kaiia Eve. If you haven't fallen in love with Kaiia yet, prepare to crush on her now. While Link is strong enough to throw this little lady around, Kaiia is skill enough to spin in and out of some crazy leggy holds. Link learns quickly that he needs to avoid this little things legs. This match is tied 20-20 going into round 3 and both athletes give everything they've got to get that "W". The winner is honored by the competition that their opponent gave them so they opt for a more romantic round 4 with Rimming, Face sitting, Squirting, sloppy blow jobs and a creampie finish

Tags: Ass Eating Blow Jobs Creampie Facesitting Penetration Squirting Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Kaiia Eve vs Ruckus
Kaiia Eve, Ruckus
125 Photos, 44 min of video
Kaiia Eve thinks she can slay the giant, Ruckus. Now Kaiia has shown some skill lately. She's getting very proficient at the wrestling with sex....especially the sex part. Ruckus has a huge size and strength advantage but Kaiia is kinky and she has heart. This match is fun to watch. When Kaiis is on top, she's a total brat, when Kaiia in on the bottom, she's a kinky brat. The chemistry between these two is palpable which makes every minute of this match fun to watch. Only one can win. The winner face fucks the loser. This match ends in a creampie

Tags: Blow Jobs Creampie Fingers In The Pussy Hair Pulling Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Throatfuck Winner Fucks Loser
Kaiia Eve vs Eric Dikkerson
Eric Dikkerson, Kaiia Eve
134 Photos, 50 min of video
This one is for those of you who LOVE big vs little matches. Eric Dikkersun is a giant compared to lil' Kaiia Eve. But Kaiia has been on fire in her matches. She's developed into one hell of a sex fighter. She knows how to score sex points against bigger opponents and her speed and flexibility come in handy sometimes. However, today she gets caught being flexible and then stuffed into involuntary Yoga positions. Eric has some wrestling background which definitely gives him an advantage. Kaiia's perversions help her tie up each round even though Eric can manhandle her a bit. This round goes to a Tie Breakers and one wrestler cums HARD! The winner makes the loser worship their sweaty armpits and gives them oral pleasure. Loser gets to slurp up all the sweat from the winner's stinky bits

Tags: Armpit Blow Jobs Creampie Facesitting Orgasm on the Mat Penetration Sex On The Mat Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Kaiia Eve vs Bently Layne
Bently Layne, Kaiia Eve
117 Photos, 43 min of video
Look at Kaiia Evolve! this petite sexual gladiator is on a roll and now she wants to destroy Bently Lane. Bentley had a very close match with one of Kaiia's good friends, Lydia Black. Bently barely won and now Kaiia is here to get revenge for her friend. Bently didn't like almost losing in his last match so he has stepped up the game but he has NO idea what Kaiia is capable of. In this match, Kaiia uses her legs to trap her opponent but Bently is smart and when the pussy is next to his mouth, he dives right in and builds Kaiia up. Both wrestlers are edged and close to cumming the entire fight. This match goes to a tiebreaker and the real sex fighting begins. Each sex fighter battles to maintain top possition so they can trap their opponent and rip an orgasm from them. One wrestler is too much for the other, gets on top, and gets the loser to cum. This match ends with a creampie victory before the prize round even starts. Loser has to worshp the sweaty feet, asshole and armpits of the dominant loser. Utter humiliation for this loser!

Tags: Ass Eating Big Boobs Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Creampie Facesitting Foot Worship Humiliation Penetration Sex On The Mat Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Kaiia Eve vs Shawn Fox
Kaiia Eve, Shawn Fox
119 Photos, 46 min of video
Kaiia Eve is a little ball of sexuality. While Shawn is clearly the superior wrestler in this match and he has a great size and strength advantage, Kaiia is able to dominate the sexual aspect of this fight. She has Shawn's long hard cock in her mouth nearly this entire match. She is relentless with it. This all comes down to round 3. If Kaiia can keep her hands and mouth on the cock she may steal this victory from the very cocky, Tornado, Shawn Fox. No matter what happens in the end, Kaiia proves to be a budding sex fighter. She has won the hearts of the judges and her opponents and surely the fans. The winner is choke fucked against the wall and fucked good and hard for giving the winner such a hard time.

Tags: Big Boobs Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Cum On Pussy Fingers In The Pussy Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Reverse Head Scissors Throatfuck Winner Fucks Loser
2 vs 1 Jack vs Kaiia and Helena
Helena Locke, Jack Friday, Kaiia Eve
130 Photos, 49 min of video
Today we have an exhibition match. Jack Friday has been too dominate on the mats that some of you have been asking to see him take two women on at one time. Today we bring this to you. Daisy Ducati has been studying hard and she has become an official ref of the sex fighting federation. She will officiate this insane match up between the Cum Loving Criminals (Helena Locke and Kaiia Eve) and the Warden (Jack Friday) The Warden is positive that he can lock this criminals up with pins and penetration. Kaiia and Helena spend a lot of time adjusting their strategy to win against this big strong handsome man. The rules are essentially the same, Wrestlers must go for pins or submissions however if Jack has a girl in a submission attempt at the time of a tag, he must let go of the hold. The girls are given 3 tags per round. If they do not use the tags, they lose the tags. Tags do NOT roll over to the next rounds. The girls must have one hand on the beam at the time of the tag for it to be a legal tag. So let's dig into this. Who ever has a better strategy today will win. Two girls on one guy should put favor in the hands of the women. However, if one girl is a weaker wrestler and she gets trapped...

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum on Tits Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser
Kaiia Eve vs Cody Carter
Cody Carter, Kaiia Eve
97 Photos, 41 min of video
Cody Carter is pretty proud to have an undefeated record. Kaiia Eve is pretty proud to be able to challenge that record today. Kaiia is one of our smaller competitors but she is a fast learner and very enthusiastic. Cody likes to play with his toys a lot so he goes easy on Kaiia to start. He starts rethinking his strategy when the score starts getting too close for his comfort. This match goes 3 full rounds. Kaiia rides Cody's dick so good she squirts all over the place. This prize round has outstanding chemistry and shows us all how fun and entertaining sex fighting can be for all competitors, win or lose.

Tags: Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Squirting Winner Fucks Loser
Kaiia Eve vs Tony Orlando
Kaiia Eve, Tony Orlando
95 Photos, 44 min of video
Kaiia Eve has been kicking ass and taking names. She destroyed Jay West and his balls and now she wants to do the same to Tony Orlando. Tony has not won a match yet but he has taken some time off, worked on his mind and body and today he shows up in the best condition yet. He puts everything into this match so much that he had nothing left for the last seconds of round 3. Was his effort work it? He takes a W for the first round, Kaiia wins round 2. Round 3 is make or break which is why Tony comes out hard. He dominates the first part of the round and it takes a toll on Kaiia. This one is a nail biter. The Winner makes the loser sniff all the dirty parts. Assholes, feet, armpits are all licked, sniffed and worshipped in all their stinky glory. Loser is fucked in the ass and denied an orgasm.

Tags: Armpit Ass Eating Facesitting Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Strap On Fucking Toe Sucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Foot Lover's Compilation
Amilia Onyx, Bella Rossi, Brandi Mae, Daisy Ducati
160 Photos, 62 min of video
This one goes out to all the foot lovers! Our wrestlers seem to love having their feet worshipped during the wrestling and the prize round and we enjoy watching it. Today we have compiled all the best foot action. All the toe sucking, foot licking, foot worship, shrimping, sole searching all in one place. The foot worship is foreplay and also enhances the rest of the fucking that often ends with creampies and cum on the feet and even lift and carry. Watch these athletes breath in the stinky air from the toes while it arouses them and makes them all cum.

Tags: Armpit Ass Eating Foot Domination Footjob Toe Sucking
Kaiia Eve vs Nathan Bronson
Kaiia Eve, Nathan Bronson
92 Photos, 42 min of video
Kaiia Eve and Nathan Bronson have a long history together. They treat each other like step siblings, with banter and manner. Today these brats get to torment each other on the mats and it really does play out like a step sibling rivalry. The match does go 3 full rounds, each wrestler really trying to annoy their partner more and more as the rounds go by. The match ends with one wrestler dominating with points. The winner face fucks the loser. Kaiia gets on top of Nathan can rides his cock good. Nathan leaves a sexy creampie in this little lady and calls it a day.

Tags: Blow Jobs Creampie Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Muscle Worship Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Kaiia Eve vs Jay West
Jay West, Kaiia Eve
148 Photos, 49 min of video
Jay West is feeling really confident coming in to this match now that he has had his first victory against Charlotte Sartre. Jay seems the think he can man handle petite tatted out girls and today he gets to test himself against another petite tatted out model. Please welcome Kaiia Eve. She's a cute Blond babe with a natural feminine body that is accented with beautiful tattoo art. She's also a sassy brat who will crush your balls if you aren't fast enough. Jay West finds out very quickly that his dick and balls are going to be in constant jeopardy. Kaiia Eve is merciless with Jay's Iron Balls. She knees them, punches them, grabs them, twists them. She does extreme CBT that only Jay West could handle. However, even with all that CBT, Jay still keeps his head in the game. This match is close and goes to decision. The Winner fucks the loser's ass and drains them by making them cum hard. Winner does verbal humiliation and uses the loser for their pleasure to get their own winner orgasm out

Tags: CBT Cum Eating Facesitting Humiliation Pegging Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins


Kalia maybe more matces :)
El Cubano
I absolutely love seeing Kaiia in action dominant or getting dominated I love seeing her and would love to wrestle her someday