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Models / Daisy Ducati

Avg Rating: 4.2

Daisy Ducati Vital Stats:
Age:  32
Height:  5'9"
Weight:  135 lbs
Wrestling Name:  Lethal Legs
Wins:  9
Losses:  7
Home town:  Las Vegas, NV

Daisy Ducati Updates

Daisy Ducati vs James Bang
Daisy Ducati, James Bang
160 Photos, 55 min of video
James Bang just doesn't know when to shut his mouth. He loses his match against Bella and then goes calling out Daisy Ducati. If he had won his first match it would be understandable to call out our Elite Wrestler, Daisy. James did get back to training hard and he believes he has racked up enough skill to take on one of our best. But Daisy has all the experience and that could be what takes it today. James does get a few Subs on Daisy. Daisy keeps getting caught in chokes and it could cost her. This match goes the distance. No Orgams in round 3, The winner gets to take their prize. Winner fucks on top. James gets the foot job of a lifetime in round 4.

Tags: Blow Jobs Facesitting Footjob Hand Job Leg Scissor Squeeze Penetration Triangle Choke Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Daisy Ducati vs Marcelo
Daisy Ducati, Marcelo
114 Photos, 47 min of video
You're gonna want to leave the sound on for this one. Daisy's trash talk to Marcelo is some of the best you will hear. Marcelo came in today all high and mighty after getting two victories over two tiny porn stars. After he learned he can still have the loser fuck his asshole, that greedy bottom of his has been trying really hard to win so that he can boss women around so they fuck his ass they way he wants. Well Daisy is the regulator today. She's going to put Marcelo in his place. What she can't reach with her arms, she can easily reach with her feet. She jerks off Marcelo with hands and feet. Marcelo comes at her hard and gets her in a choke hold but that's just foreplay for this bonafide orgasm inflictor. Daisy and Marcelo go all out in round 3 to try to make each other cum. No Surprise for the prize round. Marcelo will get his ass fucked one way or another and be treated like the nasty slut he is, just the way he likes it. Loser has to worship the armpits of the loser and is lifted and carried off the mat

Tags: Armpit Facesitting Foot Worship Hand Job Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Lift And Carry Pegging Self Facial Strap On Fucking Toe Sucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Daisy Ducati vs Shawn Fox
Daisy Ducati, Shawn Fox
90 Photos, 45 min of video
Daisy Ducati is battling it out in the 2023 Fall Brawl tournament on the Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition. In this leg of the tournament, she took out Savannah Fox in a closely contested battle of the babes. Today, Shawn Fox wants to exact revenge on Daisy. Shawn will not play easy with Daisy and Daisy doesn't want him to. Daisy loves when cocky men step on the mats not respecting her skills in both orgasm infliction and wrestling. This match is a back and forth power exchange between two trash talking bosses. Only one can be the winner today. The Winner grudge fucks the loser and makes them their bitch.

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum On Pussy Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Reverse Head Scissors Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati and Ruckus 3
Daisy Ducati, Ruckus
92 Photos, 59 min of video
This is a rubber match between Daisy and Ruckus. Sometimes Ruckus wins and sometimes Daisy wins, and sometimes it's a tie and we go into a tie breaker only for another rematch to be demanded to settle the score. Today Ruckus and Daisy go full competitive, trying out submissions and dominating pins on each other to solidify their victory but after 3 crazy back and forth rounds, the judges decide this needs to go to a Tie Breaker. Daisy is the queen of orgasm infliction. But Ruckus is the King to seduction. Do not miss this match with anal on the line. Both sexual Athletes put their ass up for the prize if they lose.

Tags: Blow Jobs Creampie Facesitting Humiliation Interracial Pegging Penetration Tall Girl Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Daisy Ducati vs Jason Michaels 2
Daisy Ducati, Jason Michaels
124 Photos, 42 min of video
Jason Michaels has been cleaning house on Evolved Fights lately. He has MMA training and it shows on the mats. But this is sex fighting. You need to keep your head in the game and today Jason is taking on the GREATEST sex fighter of all time, Daisy Ducati. Jason has the skill set for sport, but Daisy has the skill set for porn. One of these sexual athletes utterly dominates on the mats. This isn't even close. This match is the perfect blend of physical domination and sex. The winner takes their prize. Feet are involved. If you are a foot lover this one is for you.

Tags: Blow Jobs Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Foot Domination Footjob Humiliation Interracial Muscle Worship Penetration Sex On The Mat Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Daisy Ducati vs Cody Carter
Cody Carter, Daisy Ducati
60 Photos, 44 min of video
Daisy Ducati is currently ranked #1 in our Lesbian Fall Brawl Tournament, currently running on evolvedfightslez.com She's arguably the best active female sex fighter we have. If anyone can take down the undefeated, Cody Carter, It's Daisy. Cody has some serious training so his wrestling is great but he's also a giant fan of pussy so he's great at getting favor in the judges eyes when it comes to sex fighting. Even Though Cody is able to get a lot of top positions during the scrambles, Daisy is able to grab dick and use her mouth when she needs to....she also has that reputation of inflicting orgasms in the 3rd round, so Cody really needs to be careful. This match is a wonderful power exchange between two great sex fighters. It's a site to see either one of these two sexual gladiators loser. The winner flexes while they fuck the loser. Winner takes the loser's ass. At the end, Daisy's pretty toes get glazed with cum

Tags: Anal Ass Eating Blow Jobs Cum On Feet Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs Shawn Fox
Daisy Ducati, Shawn Fox
99 Photos, 52 min of video
This match is the quintessential sex fight between two of the best sex-fighting athletes the world has ever seen. Shawn Fox has been barreling through our female sex gladiators but today he faces the greatest sex fighter of all time, Daisy, Lethal Legs, Ducati. Shawn dominates with wrestling but lacks the ability to score sex points. Daisy shines with sex wrestling so she is able to even up the score by being the more sexually aggressive athlete today. This match does go to a tiebreaker and these two are really going at it. Each athlete uses even ounce of seduction they have on their opponent. One wrestler cums hard on the mat, their hips being held down by their opponent who is performing oral on them. The winner takes their time with their prize. When a match is this close, a brutal fucking is in order. The winner fucks the loser against the wall, rimming their asshole before they fuck the loser hard, fast, and relentlessly.

Tags: Ass Eating Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Cum On Feet Footjob Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs Will Tile 2
Daisy Ducati, Will Tile
133 Photos, 48 min of video
This is the rematch you've all been waiting for. Daisy and Wil had a very close match last time but Daisy squeaked through with the victory. Daisy wants to win again today to solidify her dominance over this studly man. Will wants redemption. This match is the quintessential sex fight. Both sexual gladiators go for pins and penetration with sexual play through out the entire match. This match even makes it to a tie breaker. These two athletes fuck like champions. The wrestling was foreplay and the tiebreaker is a competitive sex fight between two athletes worthy of wearing a belt for the performances today. One wrestler cums hard on the mat in the tie breaker and the winner can finally take their prize. Loser is fucked good and hard.

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum On Ass Humiliation Interracial Male Wins Penetration Squirting Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs AJ Fresh
AJ Fresh, Daisy Ducati
118 Photos, 46 min of video
AJ Fresh is thinking he's so cool because he beat the amazon Rebecca Vanguard. His ego is pretty big right now but He's in for a rude awakening today as he takes on the greatest sex fighter of all time, Daisy Ducati. AJ does show us some skill. He takes Daisy Down and brings a sex fight to her. He dives for her ass and pussy and pins her so he can stick his beautiful cock in her mouth. The winner is NOT impressed with the loser today. The winner is so insulted by the loser even attempting to challenge them that they don't allow penetration for the loser. The winner feels that the penetration should be earned. You need to bring your A-game in a sex fight and if you plan on fucking for the prize, you better put up a challenge. The winner teases the loser with penetration but never allows it. Loser gets face fucked and lift and carried off the mats depraved of getting any real sex but used for sex just like a user should be.

Tags: Ass Eating Blow Jobs Cum On Feet Facesitting Foot Worship Footjob Hand Job Humiliation Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Daisy Ducati vs Fluffy
Daisy Ducati, Fluffy
102 Photos, 39 min of video
Fluffy has taken some time to train and collect himself. He has not won a match yet and he knows that this means he will be taken off the roster soon so he really needs a W. Unfortunately for him, COVID restrictions had his original opponent having to pull out and the only wrestler available was The GOAT, Daisy Ducati. Poor fluffy doesn't stand a chance EXCEPT for the fact that Daisy get aroused when she dominates in wrestling. Daisy is a true sexual gladiator and she really enjoys what she does and the more powerful she feels, the hornier she gets. We have seen her cum on the mats before, after all. Fluffy knows he doesn't stand a chance against Daisy in rounds 1 and 2 but round 3, Fluffy is ready to make Daisy cum by being the best submissive for her. This match is brutal from start to finish. Fluffy gets some cock and ball torment. Winner lift and carries loser of the match after fucking them

Tags: Foot Domination Humiliation Lift And Carry Pegging Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Daisy Ducati vs Will Tile
Daisy Ducati, Will Tile
120 Photos, 45 min of video
HOLY HELL is all we can say. Daisy Ducati holds the record for most orgasms inflicted on the Mats. She is looking to turn Will into another statistic. Today we see why Daisy is the greatest sex fighter on our roster. Daisy puts Will in a lot of trouble. Will needs to resort to pushing his weight around and smothering Daisy with his asshole. This fight goes the distance with a definitive winner. The winner takes their prize from the mats to the green room. The green room is a moody room with romantic lighting where the winner demands the loser give them pleasure and make them cum. Will's Big Black Cock spreads Daisy's Pussy open and makes her cum over and over again. Will cums on Daisy's beautiful feet to end the prize round.

Tags: Ass Eating Black Cum On Feet Facesitting Footjob Humiliation Muscle Worship Penetration Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Daisy Ducati vs Jack Friday
Daisy Ducati, Jack Friday
94 Photos, 46 min of video
One of the most Highly Anticipated matches this year, Daisy Ducati takes on the Undefeated, Jack Friday. Jack is a pro dom fitness trainer. He loves being mean to his clients and putting them through the rigger and let's face it, if you hire a personal trainer, you must like some kind of punishment. Trainers are there to push you and motivate you to go further and hard than you would go on your own. Today Jack wants to push Daisy to her limits. He thinks he can punish her just enough to keep things exciting before he takes his prize. Daisy Ducati holds the record for most orgams inflicted on the mats. She is behind in points in rounds 1 and 2. Jack is just too much power and skill for her in the first rounds. But round 3 is always where Daisy shines. Daisy place on trapping this big strong handsome man on the mats and then milking him to orgasm in round 3. Daisy has an great display of heart for this match. She is able to get ahold of Jacks neck and dick and put him into some trouble. Winner fucks the loser upside-down, sideways and on the wall. Winner make the exhausted loser do a workout regimen to wear them out completely before they take a squirt load on their chest.

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum on Tits Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs Ruckus II
Daisy Ducati, Ruckus
65 Photos, 48 min of video
This is a rematch between Daisy Ducati and Ruckus. Their first match is one of the greatest of all time sex fights in the history of the world. As a gift to the world, we have made that video viewable for FREE here ( click the trailer and the full match will start playing) https://evolvedfights.com/updates/Daisy-Ducati-vs-Ruckus.html This first match was a nail bitter. It was one of our first ever Ties that lead to a tie breaker sex fight. Today these two want to settle this score. Someone wants a definitive win today and both of these sexual gladiators are going all out to get their victory. Both athletes have put their assholes on the line for the prize. If you lose, your butthole is pounded. One of these wrestlers utterly dominates for a convincing W. The winner dominates the loser by making the loser worship their muscles and feet. Ruckus is given the most perfect footjob. The loser is then finished off with an ass fucking.

Tags: Ass Eating Facesitting Footjob Hand Job Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Penetration Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Foot Lover's Compilation
Amilia Onyx, Bella Rossi, Brandi Mae, Daisy Ducati
160 Photos, 62 min of video
This one goes out to all the foot lovers! Our wrestlers seem to love having their feet worshipped during the wrestling and the prize round and we enjoy watching it. Today we have compiled all the best foot action. All the toe sucking, foot licking, foot worship, shrimping, sole searching all in one place. The foot worship is foreplay and also enhances the rest of the fucking that often ends with creampies and cum on the feet and even lift and carry. Watch these athletes breath in the stinky air from the toes while it arouses them and makes them all cum.

Tags: Armpit Ass Eating Foot Domination Footjob Toe Sucking
Daisy Ducati vs Jason Michaels
Daisy Ducati, Jason Michaels
68 Photos, 42 min of video
Daisy MUTHER FUCKING Ducati is back and ready for another one. She has had her fair shares of wins and loses, she never backs down from a sex fight. Jason Michaels has also had his fair shares of wins and loses. He's looking to get on a winning streak. This match is incredibly close. Lots of back and forth action from start to finish. There is a beautiful display of grappling skill from both wrestlers. Each wrestler is able to tap the other and then they get their 20 seconds to do whatever they want. This match is a perfect mixture of athletes and sexual play. While this match IS close, one of these sex fighters does take the W. The winner fucks the loser good and hard. At the end, Daisy's feet are the star of this video.

Tags: Blow Jobs Facesitting Footjob Lift And Carry Muscle Worship Penetration Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Tie Breaker Compilation
Alexa Nova, Bella Rossi, Daisy Ducati, Fluffy
43 Photos, 46 min of video
Draws do not happen very often on our site but they do happen. When the wrestling segment ends with a tie, our wrestlers must enter into a tiebreaker. Sometimes it's "first submission wins" but usually it's "first to cum loses". These tie breakers are what Real Sex fighting is all about. The wrestlers must have mutual sexual contact at all time to keep things fair. Obviously if the female is on her knees just sucking the guy's cock while he stands there doing nothing, that wouldn't be fair. It would be highly unlikely the female would orgasm from just giving Oral although it is possible since the imagination does wonders towards the female orgasm. The best part of the tie breaker rounds are that both wrestlers know that it all comes down to this one round. It's do or die. The wrestler go all out with their seduction skills to try to make their opponent cum and this makes for some really erotic moments. These are the best of the tie breakers! Amazing sexual energy through out all segments!

Tags: Blow Jobs Compilations Creampie Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs Oliver Davis
Daisy Ducati, Oliver Davis
44 Photos, 48 min of video
Daisy Ducati is the Ebony Goddess with Lethal Legs, destroy men and women alike with her crushing thighs and inflicting orgams easily onto her opponents. She has a unique skill of being able to wrap her legs around her opponent and jerk them off until they are cumming in her hands. Today she is taking on a New face but one that is sure to become a Legend. Mr. Oliver Davis comes to us with some martial arts background and a nice big cock that is hard the moment he lays his eyes on ms. Daisy. These two fight extremely hard; this is one of the most competitive matches to date. Each sex gladiator gets their opponent to tap out which means there are the sexy sexual erotic penalties. The person who taps out must lay there and take whatever it is their opponent wants to dish out to them and this means the person to taps out is in danger of getting close to orgasm. Unfortunately there are not Orgasms during the fight but there are many in the prize round. The Winner completely dominates the Loser in round 3, making it look just too easy. The winner fucks the Loser's asshole and squirts cum all over them. Winner does a lift and carry on the loser into the locker room for more sex

Tags: Anal Cum On Ass Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Lift And Carry Male Wins Maledom Sex On The Mat Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs Ruckus FREE
Daisy Ducati, Ruckus
110 Photos, 56 min of video
Prison Rules Match. No HOLES Barred. That's right folks, today is prison rules which means the loser absolutely MUST get fucked in the asshole. No holes are off limits' no holes barred. This is one of the most equal matches to dates. The first round is tied 10-10 ( a first for Evolved) ties happen only when the judges feel both opponents were sexually aggressive and displayed good wrestling offense and defense. Round 2 is given to Daisy because she's a horny slut and loves to grab dick and suck it when ever she can. Round 3 goes to Ruckus because he too is a horny slut who likes to have his dick grabbed. Ruckus is the first man to get the tip of his cock in a pussy while doing the wrestling. Daisy Ducati is the first girl to lay her opponent on his back for the 20 second penalty and get on top of him and fuck his pathetic penalized dick. By the end of round 3, we have a draw, 29-29. The decision means that the winner will be determined by a sex fight. The wrestlers are given a time limit to fuck each other. The Rules of the sex fight is all sex activity must be simultaneous so that no one opponent is given a major advantage. Simultaneous sex act include fucking ( both genitals are...

Tags: Anal Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Cum On Ass Facesitting Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Sex On The Mat Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs Gabriella Paltrova
Daisy Ducati, Gabriella Paltrova
95 Photos, 51 min of video
Daisy "Lethal Legs" Ducati is on the mats doing our Lesbian wrestling today. She has wrestled many times for our Mixed wrestling site and we keep bringing her back because she lives up so well to her wrestling name "Lethal Legs". She's a tall dark beauty who dominates physically, mentally, sexually, verbally......do we really need to go on? Daisy is the full package. Today, The full package is taking on a small package. Little miss Gabriella Paltrova also lives up to her wrestling name "Fun Sized Human". Gabriella is a Petite woman with a curvy physique that will drive you crazy. She's got natural tits and ass that are so firm and juicy we are scared our wrestlers are going to start throwing matches just so Gabriella will put her big beautiful ass on their face. Despite her fun size, Gabriella is a demon on the mats. She's hardcore and never gives up. We want to make our matches more sexual so we have integrated a penalty segment anytime there is a submission. If there is a submission during the fight, The wrestler to administered and successfully applied the submission will get 20 seconds to do anything she wants to the person who submitted. There is no fighting back during this 20-second...

Tags: Anal Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Lesbian Wrestling Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Daisy Ducati vs Sam Solo
Daisy Ducati, Sam Solo
23 Photos, 38 min of video
Daisy Ducati is a very experienced wrestler, known for her strong legs that could snap a man's head off! This is why she has the nickname "Lethal Legs". Sam Solo did some wrestling in high school but his experience isn't vast. He's significantly smaller and weaker than our beautiful Amazon Daisy Ducati. Sam Solo doesn't start out too well, as he gets trapped in Daisy Ducati's leg scissors and immediately feels her power. She crushes him so hard, he can barely breathe and from there, things get worse. Sam Solo is deemed useless for this match, as Daisy Ducati owns him entirely. She puts him in gift-wraps and holds him with her legs, controlling him and making him to choke himself with his own arm. The Prize Round is even more humiliation for this poor little weak man, as Daisy Ducati owns him physically and sexually. She sits on him and makes him worship the bottom of her dirty & sweaty feet. Loser Sam Solo is thrown down and made to worship winner Daisy Ducati while she flexes her powerful muscles.

Tags: Body Scissors Choke Fucking Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Foot Domination Hand Gag Humiliation Intergender Wrestling Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Reverse Head Scissors Strap On Fucking Triangle Choke Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins


I want see more 2 girl matches. Why winners eats loser ass so rarely :( I want see winner tongue in loser ass
I want to see more female humiliation like tage team or handicap against a male
Team Daisy
I want to see daisy go against Jake Adams, Lance Hart, or Shawn Fox. Let her go against so men that aren’t scared to wrestle and penetrate.
Daisy is one hell of a wrestler and she is gorgeous. one of my favorite. it would be good when she seriously overpowers her opponent to use as less she can the neck choke
Daisy is soo sexy. I would love to see her against one of the smaller guys again.
Would definitely recommend more Daisy Ducati. She is so entertaining!
When small girl goes against biggere guy she should get a handicap, like guy has one hand behond back, his legs tied together.
I wud luv to see Daisy fucked roughly and loosing badly....and getting spanking on the ass cheeks like wile tile does
El Cubano
If I ever meet Daisy I would love to roll with her and definitely have my dream sex fight with her evolved fights rules 🤤😈
Daisy vs Oliver rematch, please. Now the girl is stronger and she can win quite easily.
Daisy Ducati is an incredibly sexy lady and great sex wrestler!
Daisy taught me to love Evolved Fights. She never gives up, loves and respects the combat. Beating Daisy Ducati means something cause it ain't easy.