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Models / Tony Orlando

Avg Rating: 2.2

Tony Orlando Vital Stats:
Age:  28
Height:  5'11"
Weight:  150 lbs
Wrestling Name:  The Psycho
Wins:  0
Losses:  8
Home town:  Las Vegas, NV

Tony Orlando Updates

Savannah Fox vs Tony Orlando
Savannah Fox, Tony Orlando
128 Photos, 39 min of video
I'm not sure who Tony Orlando Pissed off but somehow he got paired with Savannah Fox. Savannah has been a dominant wrestler on both the mixed and lesbian sites. Tony has been training a bit and he believes that with hisi training and his size and he insatiable lust for stink from ass, pussy and feet, that he can win a sex fight by being such a weirdo that Savannah is thrown off by his fetishes and she gives in to him. He strategy does work a little and it makes for some entertaining moments in the match. The Winner dominates the loser with ass smothering, armpit licking, muscle worship and ass fucking. These two freaks put on a good show!

Tags: Ass Eating Facesitting Foot Domination Foot Worship Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Reverse Head Scissors Strap On Fucking Toe Sucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Charlotte Sartre vs Tony Orlando
Charlotte Sartre, Tony Orlando
125 Photos, 44 min of video
Tony looks strong going into this match. He's much bigger than Charlotte and he's tired of being everyone's bitch in the prize rounds. Charlotte does what small opponents do best. She waits for her opponent to get tired and then she makes her moves. Who ever you think the underdog is in this match, think again. This is a very close match. The outcome is decided and to punish their opponent for making it too close for comfort, the winner torments the loser with orgasm denial, foot worship, asshole worship, brutal submission holds like the camel clutch and Boston crab all the meanwhile, the Winner gets their orgasms while the loser is left humiliated without any sexual pleasure. This is a sweat lovers draem round 4. sweaty feet, ass and armpits are sniffed and licked.

Tags: Ass Eating Blow Jobs CBT Choke Fucking Facesitting Foot Worship Footjob Hand Gag Hand Job Humiliation Muscle Worship Orgasm Denial Toe Sucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Aria Khaide vs Tony Orlando
Aria Khaide, Tony Orlando
103 Photos, 45 min of video
Aria Khaide hasn't see victory on our mats yet but she's still green and figuring out a good strategy and how the rules can work in her favor. Tony Orlando, tired of being pushed around and fucked in the ass has heard of this new wrestler, Aria and he is intrigued. He thinks he stands a chance against her. Tony comes out hard for the first round. He nearly dominate Aria. Aria plays it cool even though it is slightly humiliating to have that close of a round with Tony ( who has never won a match in our history) The ante goes up for each round and the wrestlers get their heads in the game. Each wrestler dives in right for the asshole of their opponent. The anilingus is off the charts in this match. This fight ends by decisions. The winner fucks the loser's asshole and makes the loser cum. Loser must eat their own squirt cum off the mats.

Tags: Armpit Ass Eating Blow Jobs Cum Eating Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Miss Demeanor vs Tony Orlando
Miss Demeanor, Tony Orlando
114 Photos, 50 min of video
Miss Demeanor is powerful! She's a bonafide Amazon with muscular legs that could snap ribs. Tony Orlando is a long lean dude, who's tired of being pushed around on the mats by girls. He's been working out and putting on some weight and today he is going to try to get his first victory. When Tony sees that maybe he is going to get out wrestled, he starts going for the sexual stuff. Here at evolved fights, fights are scored on sexual aggression first and foremost and THEN by wrestling skill. This is sex fighting folx! These two sexual gladiators try to pin each other and get their perve on. Assholes are eating, Pussies are eaten, cock is sucked. Feet, armpits, ears belly buttons are all sucked and fuck. No HOLE is barred in this one. The winner is called at the end of 3 full rounds of wrestling. The winner fucks the loser in the ass and make the loser lick feet, ass, armpits and anything else that happened to break a sweat during the rounds.

Tags: Armpit Ass Eating Facesitting Foot Domination Foot Worship Hand Job Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Lift And Carry Muscle Worship Pegging Reverse Head Scissors Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Kaiia Eve vs Tony Orlando
Kaiia Eve, Tony Orlando
95 Photos, 44 min of video
Kaiia Eve has been kicking ass and taking names. She destroyed Jay West and his balls and now she wants to do the same to Tony Orlando. Tony has not won a match yet but he has taken some time off, worked on his mind and body and today he shows up in the best condition yet. He puts everything into this match so much that he had nothing left for the last seconds of round 3. Was his effort work it? He takes a W for the first round, Kaiia wins round 2. Round 3 is make or break which is why Tony comes out hard. He dominates the first part of the round and it takes a toll on Kaiia. This one is a nail biter. The Winner makes the loser sniff all the dirty parts. Assholes, feet, armpits are all licked, sniffed and worshipped in all their stinky glory. Loser is fucked in the ass and denied an orgasm.

Tags: Armpit Ass Eating Facesitting Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Strap On Fucking Toe Sucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Stephie Staar vs Tony Orlando
Stephie Staar, Tony Orlando
60 Photos, 43 min of video
Tony Orlando has yet to win a match. He is taking on a Rookie, Stephie Staar and Tony thinks because he has more experience on Evolved Fights that he will be able to take the "W" Today. Conditioning is the enemy of one of these wrestlers. Wrestling is one of the most demanding physical sports in the world and if one is not conditioned then he or she will not fare well in our matches. Both wrestlers really want to win. Tony shows promise as he comes out hard in the first round. He is able to pin his opponent and he is constantly going for sex points even if he's on the bottom. One wrestler expends too much too fast and must quit. Because the wrestler quits, they end up getting the ultimate humiliation. We do "real time bondage". The winner taunts the loser with verbal humiliation and a warning of things that they are about to do to the loser after the loser is tied up and imobilized. The loser is tickled while bound, the loser if fucked in the asshole and then eats the cock right after it comes out of the loser ass. That's right the winner makes the loser to Ass to Mouth ATM. Then the winner squirts pee all over the loser after the loser is denied an orgasm.

Tags: Anal Bondage Humiliation Pegging Strap On Fucking Urination Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Kelli Provocatuer vs Tony Orlando
Kelli Provocateur, Tony Orlando
100 Photos, 52 min of video
Our Favorite FBB Ebony MILF is back on the mats today taking on a man who towers over her. Tony Orlando has yet to win a match so we have paired him with a petite MILF to see how he fends against her. He is able to get her back a few times and get her pinned long enough to suck on her chocolate tits. Kelli does have some quick moves in her arsenal however. We are giving you a warning here. There is PEGGING in this video. The winner gets to fuck the loser how the winner wants. The Winner picks up the loser and drags them into the lockerroom to get ass fucked.

Tags: Black Facesitting Fit Women Lift And Carry Pegging Strap On Fucking Submission Wrestling Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
London River vs Tony Orlando
London River, Tony Orlando
36 min of video
London River is a tall lean blonde with big tits and long legs. She doesn't have a lot of wrestling experience but she does have stripper strength which is nothing to laugh at. Her opponent is adorable man-baby Tony Orlando. He is your friendly neighborhood porn guy who loves to read comics and ice his asshole after matches like today's. This match ends early because Tony Orlando can't continue. He wears himself out in the first few minutes and then becomes a worthless pile of meat & bones for Amazon Goddess London River to toy with. She throws the loser on his back and the sits on his face, using it for her pleasure. But London River is not entirely evil. She does spit in Tony's mouth & on his cock, giving him a reach around before she ruins his cock with a vibrator. First, London River uses the vibrator on her pussy while she rides Tony Orlando's face so she can cum all over him while he licks her asshole. After she's had enough orgasms, she focuses on making her prize cum. She holds the vibrator on his cock until he's twitching and flopping around in a more pathetic way than during the match. London River makes Tony Orlando cum and then wipes his nut all over his adorable...

Tags: Body Scissors Fit Women Leg Scissor Squeeze Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins


Love to see Tony against the other girls here. Bella Rossi called him out, touting she would fist him. Cant wait to see that match.
One of my favourite male wrestler here, maybe THE favourite. He got that next door look, having an average slim body like most of my freinds. Its SOO cool to see hum much trouble he have against the more skilled sexy female fighters here. You should use him alot more compared to guys like Chad D. It was a shame he just one match in 2020 and one in 2019. We want MORE of Tony!!!