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Models / Jay West

Avg Rating: 2.7

Jay West Vital Stats:
Age:  29
Height:  5'5"
Weight:  135 lbs
Wrestling Name:  Iron Balls
Wins:  1
Losses:  7
Home town:  Las Vegas, NV

Jay West Updates

Brandi Mae vs Jay West
Brandi Mae, Jay West
170 Photos, 53 min of video
Jay West is so confident because he got one little win over Charlotte Sartre.....big deal! Today, a beautiful muscle goddess, Brandi Mae is here to take vengeance on this guy who thinks picking on little goth girls is cool. Brandi Mae is "The Boulder" She is a rock hard MILF with huge muscles, huge tits and a huge juicy clit that she loves to smother men with. Jay West is the Only guy on our roster who allows ball busting in his matches so far and we take full advantage of his request to have it done. Unfortunately for Jay, Getting racked in the balls is a huge turn on for Jay. it makes his dick hard and renders his muscles useless as all the bloood moves to his dick and out of his muscle. But Jay fairs pretty well today against this muscle goddess. He is able to get on top and pin Brandi a few times and Brandi's clit is her own enemy. She has orgasm easily when her clit is touched and Jay figures this out and tries to get that instant victory by making her cum. The loser is fucked in the ass as a loser should be. Loser is made to worship muscles and orally please the winner. The loser is lift and carried off the mats and take home for the winner's personal pleasure.

Tags: Anal Facesitting Humiliation Lift And Carry Muscle Worship Pegging Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Kaiia Eve vs Jay West
Jay West, Kaiia Eve
148 Photos, 49 min of video
Jay West is feeling really confident coming in to this match now that he has had his first victory against Charlotte Sartre. Jay seems the think he can man handle petite tatted out girls and today he gets to test himself against another petite tatted out model. Please welcome Kaiia Eve. She's a cute Blond babe with a natural feminine body that is accented with beautiful tattoo art. She's also a sassy brat who will crush your balls if you aren't fast enough. Jay West finds out very quickly that his dick and balls are going to be in constant jeopardy. Kaiia Eve is merciless with Jay's Iron Balls. She knees them, punches them, grabs them, twists them. She does extreme CBT that only Jay West could handle. However, even with all that CBT, Jay still keeps his head in the game. This match is close and goes to decision. The Winner fucks the loser's ass and drains them by making them cum hard. Winner does verbal humiliation and uses the loser for their pleasure to get their own winner orgasm out

Tags: CBT Cum Eating Facesitting Humiliation Pegging Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Charlotte Sartre vs Jay West
Charlotte Sartre, Jay West
66 Photos, 44 min of video
The Men sure have been on a good winning streak so far. We've had a few newcomers on the male roster who have really put a pounding to the women. Now we return to familiar faces. Jay West has yet to win a match but not for lack of trying. He puts everything he's got into his matches but somehow he just hasn't been able to get his "W". Maybe that's because we always throw amazon women at his tiny white ass. Today we put him against a woman smaller than he is and if he loses we know he just fucking sucks and should be fucked in the ass and humiliated for being such a terrible wrestler. Charlotte Sartre, is a tenacious Goth girl. He's beaten bigger men before so in theory, she shouldn't have a problem with Jay West. We see right from the get go Mr Jay West is sick of losing. He's getting take downs, he's taking the back....he's going for gold today. Charlotte Sartre is shocked by the energy Jay is putting into this. These two seem to counter everything to give each other. The first 2 rounds are draws with 10-10 on both rounds. It all comes down to round 3. Who ever wins this round wins the match and both wrestlers know this and give it their all. Jay looks likes he's going to win when...

Tags: Ass Eating Blow Jobs Creampie Humiliation Male Wins Winner Fucks Loser
Alura Jenson vs Jay West
Alura Jenson, Jay West
84 Photos, 48 min of video
Alura TNT Jenson is back and packing some power. She is fully recovered from her health scare from earlier this year and you can see the change in her performance. She's a tall strong amazon taking on a tiny little man who deserves to get kicked and punched in the balls whenever he's on the bottom. This match we are putting Anal on the line. Who ever wins gets the fuck the loser in the ass. This match displays a true amazon woman using her power and sex appeal to dominate a male on the mat unless that man can make her cum in round 3.

Tags: Anal Facesitting Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Gabriella Paltrova vs Jay
Gabriella Paltrova, Jay West
140 Photos, 48 min of video
Today we have two pints sized fighters on the mats. Jay West at 125lbs and Gabbi Paltrova at 115lbs. Gabriella trains regularly with weights. She was a swimmer and gymnyst in school and use to be a dancer. Gabi has been into sports her entire life. She's a natural athlete with a big round perfect ass and perky natural tits Her upper body strength is incredible. Jay West is coming in with better conditioning than his past matches. He is utterly ashamed of his past losses and he wants to get revenge today.This match is close in size and skill.. Jay West is really determined to prove himself today after all his loses. He knows that if he doesn't win a match soon, he will be suspended until 2019. That means his lively hood AND his manhood are being threatened here. He really needs to win this match. If Gabriella loses, she's going to get her fat ass stretched out with a former losers cocks...The stakes are high! These two fight dirty, they rip at each other's crotches in brutal fashion. One wrestler is able to get huge advantages and get on top for most of the match. They pin each other and grope anything they can find. After three rounds there is a clear winner. The winner is gleaming...

Tags: Choke Fucking Facesitting Humiliation Intergender Wrestling Leg Scissor Squeeze Self Facial Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
London River vs Jay West
Jay West, London River
60 Photos, 36 min of video
London River is a tall lean blonde beauty with ridiculous stripper strength. What is stripper strength, you ask? Strippers develop extreme upper body strength while learning to do pole tricks and other moves for their performances. They are constantly doing isometric exercises and gain strength with every performance they do. While London River claims she does not workout, she does dance and do pole tricks, which has turned her into a really strong mixed wrestling opponent. Now meet Jay West, who really does try. Today he honestly thinks he can best London River. He pins her down and does some sexual dominance on her, showing he might actually stand a chance against her today! Jay West really does not like losing, so he's doing everything in his power to get the "W". This is a hard fought competitive wrestling match, but there can only be one winner and today, it's London River! She completely dominates loser Jay West in the Sex Round. London River destroys Jay West's genitals, punching and slapping them until the he's on the floor, begging her to stop.

Tags: Armpit Body Scissors Creampie Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Humiliation Intergender Wrestling Leg Scissor Squeeze Reverse Head Scissors Spanking Triangle Choke Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Dee Williams vs Jay West
Dee Williams, Jay West
47 Photos, 39 min of video
Jay West is one of our smaller male wrestlers, but he has magnificent balls of steel that can be pulled, stretched, slapped, and punched and all it really does to him is give him a boner, which causes him to wrestle harder. Dee Williams is a legit grappler. She is a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and has a lot of mat experience under her belt. She's both super competitive and super submissive, as wel as a big whore for orgasms. If she is close to getting some guy's face on her cunt or buried into her pussy, she'll easily give up control just to get her sexual satisfaction fulfilled. This is all fun and games until she starts losing in the eyes of the judges. This is a Winner Fucks Loser style sex fight. The better sex fighter will win and they will be able to do whatever they want to the loser. Dee Williams puts Jay West into some insanely painful holds, including a banana split and also tortures his balls, slapping and tugging them. She holds him down by the throat and torments his nut sack with her hand and teeth. This activates Jay West's boner powers and the wrestler in him starts to come out. Jay West is able to pin Dee Williams, shoulders down, nipples up and getting...

Tags: Ass Eating Body Scissors Choke Fucking Facesitting Foot Domination Hand Gag Humiliation Intergender Wrestling Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Reverse Head Scissors Strap On Fucking Triangle Choke Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Lux Lives vs Jay West
Jay West, Lux Lives
100 Photos, 37 min of video
Lux Lives is a tall Goddess, standing at 6'1. Her body towers over most, but it's especially enormous in comparison to our small twink, Jay West. Lux Lives is a relative novice to the erotic wrestling world, but her height and reach advantage has helped make up for her lack of skill. She's also an incredibly sexy femdom and men throw themselves at her service. Today, Jay West wants to put this giantess in her place. He's been practicing his wrestling for just this occasion and toughening up his balls so that when a female attacks them, he will not give a knee-jerk reaction, instead staying calm, cool, and collective. Lux Lives may be tall, but her wrestling skills are still in their beginning stages. Jay West believes he is going to be able to capitalize on her inexperience. This is one case where you can have wrestlers of equal skill, and the outcome is determined by size and strength. Lux Lives dominates little man Jay West and lets him know where he belongs: right on the floor beneath her, worshiping her Goddess body. Lux Lives gets out her strapon and pegs Jay West in the ass, then sits on his face and rides it until she has an orgasm.

Tags: Body Scissors Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Hand Gag Hand Job Humiliation Intergender Wrestling Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Reverse Head Scissors Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins


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Hope this guy comes back. Seeing him be dominated is great.
I'd love to see him against Alexa Nova.
WOW, i see Alura Jenson vs Jay West cumming up this month!!! Cant wait to see it!!!
Honestly, maybe I'm a minority but this doesn't turn me on. Find some wrestlers who'll go up against attractive girls and then make passionate love to them. Now that's a turn on.
I hope to see more of Jay West. I am also in the minority here.
One of my favorite wrestler here. Always great fun to see him on the mat. Hes about the same size as most girl here and the matches get much more interesting then.