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Models / Charlotte Sartre

Avg Rating: 4.3

Charlotte Sartre Vital Stats:
Age:  24
Height:  5'3"
Weight:  110 lbs
Wrestling Name:  The Urinal
Wins:  2
Losses:  2
Home town:  Las Vegas, NV

Charlotte Sartre Updates

Charlotte Sartre vs Tony Orlando
Charlotte Sartre, Tony Orlando
125 Photos, 44 min of video
Tony looks strong going into this match. He's much bigger than Charlotte and he's tired of being everyone's bitch in the prize rounds. Charlotte does what small opponents do best. She waits for her opponent to get tired and then she makes her moves. Who ever you think the underdog is in this match, think again. This is a very close match. The outcome is decided and to punish their opponent for making it too close for comfort, the winner torments the loser with orgasm denial, foot worship, asshole worship, brutal submission holds like the camel clutch and Boston crab all the meanwhile, the Winner gets their orgasms while the loser is left humiliated without any sexual pleasure. This is a sweat lovers draem round 4. sweaty feet, ass and armpits are sniffed and licked.

Tags: Ass Eating Blow Jobs CBT Choke Fucking Facesitting Foot Worship Footjob Hand Gag Hand Job Humiliation Muscle Worship Orgasm Denial Toe Sucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Evolved Fights Creampie Comp
Alexa Nova, Arielle Aquinas, Bella Rossi, Charlotte Sartre
100 Photos, 59 min of video
Today we bring you a compilation of all of the greatest creampie endings we have seen on Evolved Fights. Here at Evolved Fights, The winner gets to do what ever he or she wants to do to the loser. One of the most humbling things a winner can to as a female winner is to drain your opponent of their seed whether they want it or not. For a Man, planting his seed inside his prize is the Ultimate victory. We have over an hour of footage of vaginal cream pies and one anal creampie ending for your enjoyment.

Tags: Anal Compilations Creampie
Charlotte Sartre vs Jay West
Charlotte Sartre, Jay West
66 Photos, 44 min of video
The Men sure have been on a good winning streak so far. We've had a few newcomers on the male roster who have really put a pounding to the women. Now we return to familiar faces. Jay West has yet to win a match but not for lack of trying. He puts everything he's got into his matches but somehow he just hasn't been able to get his "W". Maybe that's because we always throw amazon women at his tiny white ass. Today we put him against a woman smaller than he is and if he loses we know he just fucking sucks and should be fucked in the ass and humiliated for being such a terrible wrestler. Charlotte Sartre, is a tenacious Goth girl. He's beaten bigger men before so in theory, she shouldn't have a problem with Jay West. We see right from the get go Mr Jay West is sick of losing. He's getting take downs, he's taking the back....he's going for gold today. Charlotte Sartre is shocked by the energy Jay is putting into this. These two seem to counter everything to give each other. The first 2 rounds are draws with 10-10 on both rounds. It all comes down to round 3. Who ever wins this round wins the match and both wrestlers know this and give it their all. Jay looks likes he's going to win when...

Tags: Ass Eating Blow Jobs Creampie Humiliation Male Wins Winner Fucks Loser
Charlotte Sarte vs Billy Boston
Billy Boston, Charlotte Sartre
72 Photos, 43 min of video
Charlotte Sartre is Laughing at the fact that she is wrestling Billy Boston. She is small and got destroyed by Lance Hart but now that she is impregnated by Lances Power seed, she has a new set of skills and power to show off. Billy Boston thinks he just hasn't been able to get a break with his match ups. Evolved Fights has been throwing him to the wolves his previous pairing with the likes of Cheyenne Jewel and Tori Avano who both have formal wrestling training. Billy is certain that because Charlotte is so submissive and small that he will finally be able to get his win and prove he's not a worthless male. He shows off a little in round 2 which puts him in a good position for round 3. Round 3 is do it time for both wrestlers. No one wants this sex fight to go to the judges decision so they are going all out to inflict the coveted OOTM (Orgasms on the Mat). One wrestler fails completely and gets the utter humiliation. The winner uses the loser for pain only. The loser must endure over the knee OTK Spanking and painful camelclutch submission holds. The Winner Squats over the losers face as if they are sitting on a toilet and makes the loser like their asshole clean with their "toilet...

Tags: Ass Eating Body Scissors Facesitting Foot Domination Humiliation Spanking Urination Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Charlotte Sartre vs Lance Hart
Charlotte Sartre, Lance Hart
43 min of video
Charlotte Sartre weighs about 105lbs soaking wet, yet she's willing to take on an experienced powerful muscle God like Lance Hart. This mixed wrestling match starts out with Lance Hart going easy on little Charlotte Sartre. It appears Lance Hart is trying to be nice and even lets Charlotte Sartre get in some holds and pins, but as the nude wrestling match goes on, it's confirmed that Lance Hart is just being a really big asshole by letting Charlotte Sartre think she's actually good. For Lance Hart, this is all just foreplay - like a cat playing with his mouse before the real attack. And when that real attack does start, it's just relentless. Lance Hart pins little goth girl Charlotte Sartre down, steals kisses from her, penetrates and chokes her. After 3 hard fought rounds, Lance Hart is the winner and this is the prize you've all been asking for! Before launching, we put out a survey and asked you fine folks what kind of stuff you want to see in the Prize Round. Several of you wished to see impregnating creampie cumshots. Well, Lance Hart must be psychic, because that's exactly what he wanted too. After putting his toy into submission after submission, Lance Hart tells Charlotte...

Tags: Choke Fucking Creampie Facesitting Foot Domination Humiliation Intergender Wrestling Male Wins Reverse Head Scissors Winner Fucks Loser


Tim willuams
Charlotte is 1 win / 1 lose I think
Charlotte shows a large understanding for the moves she is shown by the person coaches her and she has a tremendous change for the better since she started she is sweet and deadly and looking forward to see her is some new fight
sam solo
charlotte vs sam please!!!
Charlotte Sartre vs Nathan Bronson please it would be a good team
Her vs Cody please!
Dan Ferrari vs Charlotte Sartre
Charlotte Sartre vs Nathan Bronson