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XXX Mixed Wrestling with Winner Fucks Loser Prize Round

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Well, The time has come and hopefully so have you. We have launched our site and know you probably have some questions or feedback. We want to thank you for joining our site and would love to hear your feedback on what you have seen so far. We have already changed some of the rules for future matches. You will see some of the first matches shot, mixed in with some of the newer matches with the new rules. For now. Let us give you an explanation of the rules of our matches.

Evolved Fights are 100% real competitive match with Winner fucks Loser endings. There are 3 wrestling rounds. Each round is 6 minutes long while the clock is running. The clock is stopped when there is a submission. ( this is for the new matches on the grey mat...any matches shot on the all-white match were shot prior to this new rule of the 20 sec penalty) The Wrestler who applied to submission will get 20 seconds to do whatever he or she wants to do to the opponent to tap to the submission. After the 20 second penalty, the wrestlers are put into a neutral position and the clock is started again. The matches are judged with a 10 point system. Under the 10-Point Must Scoring System, 10 points must be awarded to the winner of the round and 9 points or less must be awarded to the loser, except for a rare even round, which is scored (10-10). ( like in boxing or MMA)

The rounds are judged by the crew on set and the Referee.
Judges shall evaluate techniques, such as effective Pinning with shoulders down, effective grappling, control of the ring/fighting area, effective aggressiveness and defense, Sexual aggression from the top or bottom position, number or submission successfully applied.
Evaluations shall be made in the order in which the techniques appear in above, giving the most weight in scoring to effective grappling, Shoulders down PINS, control of the wrestling area and effective sexual aggressiveness and defense
Effective grappling is judged by considering the number of successful executions of legal sweeps or reversals. Examples of factors to consider are any position to mount position or side control, passing the guard to mount position, and the top position trapped in the guard being able to pin the shoulders and perform sexually aggressive moves on their opponent
Effective aggressiveness means moving forward and constantly looking for sexual aggressive attacks ( IE finger, ball grabbing, oral, penetration when applicable)
Effective defense means avoiding being taken down or reversed while countering with offensive attacks and defending sex points
The following objective scoring criteria shall be utilized by the judges when scoring a round:
a round is to be scored as a 10-10 round when both contestants appear to be fighting evenly and neither contestant shows clear dominance in a round;
a round is to be scored as a 10-9 round when a contestant wins by a close margin, landing the greater number of effective Sex points, grappling and other maneuvers;
a round is to be scored as a 10-8 round when a contestant overwhelmingly dominates by doing more sexually aggressive moves or grappling in a round.
a round is to be scored as a 10-7 round when a contestant totally dominates doing more sexually aggressive moves or grappling in a round.

A competition can end in one of a few ways…otherwise, it goes 3 rounds:

A competitor is deemed unfit to continue…IE they vomit or gas out ( exhaution)
A competitor is injured or ref deems it unsafe for him or her to continue. The wrestler who cannot continue is the loser regardless of who is ahead in points.

Forbidden things:

No head butts.

No Striking ( punches, elbows, knees)

No eye gouging.

No biting.

No strikes or grabbing of the throat.

No manipulation of the fingers or toes.

How to gain favor in judges eyes:

Be Sexually aggressive
Make your opponent cum
Keep top position with your opponent pinned
keep your Defense up
don't get fingered
Achieve penetration while you have top position


I would like to see some bondage action in the prize round. Maybe when a clear dominance was reached. What do you think?
we have handcuffs in our next update but going forward, we can certainly add some bondage to the sex part
I’d like to second this. Is so hot to watch the opponent get turned into a wriggling bound prize to be claimed. Have you considered bondage wrestling like VeVe Lane does? Watching the incremental immobilisation is hot as hell. Especially if there’s a prize round at the end. Keep up the good work :)
we want to see shemale fights female , we want real match not playing .
Any chance of MM v FF tag team?
yes! I'm probably going to post a blog about this so stay tuned and check out the blog in the next couple days for a full explanation. In short, We are still a startup. All these shoots are personally funded by myself. The start of of this site was expensive for me so I need to recover some costs before I make any further large investments. But YES....tag teams are coming and so is a tournament 2019!
Why is that matches are beimg shown on external sites before they are shown on this site? E.g cheyenne vs brandi mae
This site is a mixed wrestling site. We are putting up the g/g matches as a bonus to members for the holidays. We started test marketing the lesbian content on clips stores to see if they would make money. Brandi vs Cheyenne will be a bonus update on this site Jan 1 2019 and it will be the LAST bonus shoot we update. We plan on starting a stand-alone lesbian site. We will offer fans discounts if they wish to join both Evolved and Evolved Lesbian Edition. The market has shown us that some people like ONLY lesbian and some like ONLY mixed and while there are a handful of people who want both, it's not enough to make a site for both and be able to keep the masses happy
I do believe that something has to change with chokes. It is boring when the people are not of the same size and experiance to have the one just to make chokes that is avoidance of sex fight. It is ok with sudmission but why you do not try it to an internal match to see how it will go. I do not mean legs on body. I mean neck lock It has to be some trouble for the biggest size and more experianced when they cannot use some things when they take on smaller one. Maybe Dee could help out. she avoided to use chockes in the fight with your descipline. - I am very happy with the videos and things I am just expressing an Idea. You know what I mean as you didthat in the fight with Nova. they were a couple used but it could have been like 18 minutes in chock. that is not nice to be pure wrestle for the fans i believe. As during the match points is more about sex staff
I’d very much love to see more of the mixed wrestling bondage pegging with forced cum eating at the end for humiliation.